Friday, October 7, 2011

Autumn Daze

Okay, so I'm not sure what I was thinking trying to make this a "daily" blog, it's going to be more of a "weekly" blog.  I'm too darn tired at night to think creatively (or at all for that matter), and my munchkins don't leave me much downtime during the days.  I'm sitting here typing away as I try with all my might not to go pick up the tiredly crying little L.  All mommies and daddies know exactly what I'm talking about...that "I'm too tired to actually give it my all cry."  I'm tellin' ya, my kidlets would rebel against naptime to the very end of time. However, they have a stubborn mommy that will go to great lengths to get them the sleep they need.

On to other things...since, time is precious!  We are working on our "fall fun tree" and have had two leaves fall.  We  attended a fall fair (The Big E, of course!), and the kidlets had a fantastic time (as did Corey and I). Little L rode her first carousel and loved every second!  J and K wanted to go on the more daring rides, and it was great fun to see them so excited.  We had lots of cotton candy, pie, and fried dough.  All of the things that go along with a traditional Big E experience.  I am looking forward to many more memories that that one. 

We also made a dinner involving acorn squash from our local farmstand...which was super yummy.  J is eager to make the leaves fall, he loves to take it off the tree and tape it to the bottom. He is a hands-on learner for sure! 

We will be adding more leaves to the ground this coming Columbus Day weekend.  With an extra day to play, there is no telling what may happen at our house! 

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