Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time and "Space"

My little guy turned six this year, and as a result, decided himself, that it was time to change to a "big boy" room.  He's had a big boy bed for quite awhile, but alas, "Winnie the Pooh" was still sticking to the walls.  He started removing the border himself (and without our knowledge) in order to get our process under way. 
After many attempts on picking a theme (the best was when he told us he wanted a 'Batman' train-dinosaur room- and I was fretting how I was going to pull that all together), we finally decided on Outer Space. Phew!  Now, that was something we could work with!  So, off came Winnie the Pooh and the gender neutral green walls, and up went the ocean blue paint with orange (yes, I said, orange) trim! 
Getting bed linens was the easy part, but surprisingly, I couldn't find many decor items that I wanted to bring the theme together.  This is still an ongoing process, but we are nearly done.  We did find a really great remote control moon that we hung on the wall and it lights up in stages (quarter, half, or full moon phases), and comes with an educational CD (the teacher in me LOVES this), and J loves the extra bit of light in his room at bedtime. 
Lastly, I was looking to find outlet and lightswitch covers (again, Winnie the Pooh was nixed by J).  After, not finding anything that I really liked, I decided to take some old wallpaper border that my mom had leftover from when my brother was roughly J's age, and I used it as a covering.  Here are the finished products!

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