Thursday, October 20, 2011

Caution! Mommy rant...

If you folllow me on facebook, you will already know my views, but I feel the need to express this further.  It is something I feel very strongly about and am having a hard time trying to make the right "mommy" decision here.  Luckily, I have an extremely supportive husband by my side, willing to back me up on what I want.  The subject....vaccinations.  Let me just say, I am not anti-vaccinations.  I completely understand that our children need them to stay healthy and to ward off horrible, terrible, deadly diseases.  I remind myself of this every time I watch the doctors stick my kids with needles.  However, I think, we, as parents, should have the right to decide on non life-threatening disease vaccinations...such as, the flu vaccine, chicken pox vaccine, etc. 
As a personal choice, I do a delayed vaccination regime.  It can be more "inconvenient" because you need to schedule extra appointments, but in my opinion, I'd rather make two or three trips to the doctor's office than have my precious little ones stuck with 3 or 4 vaccines at a time.  And, now, with the "combo" shots, they can have up to 5 or 6 viruses at one time!  No way, no thank-you. 
These are my kidlets, we get one shot (pardon the pun) to do this right...once it's done, there is no turning back.  So, here's my dilemma....
Our state, as of this year, is requiring all children in Pre-K between the ages of 24-59 months to have 2 rounds of the flu vaccination, if not previously vaccinated against influenza, and one round if they have had it previously.  The state is saying those who do not receive the vaccine, will need to be excluded from school for the entire flu season (January 1-March 31). 
My little missy is a peer model in a wonderful integrated pre-k program.  I have looked into exemption, (medical or religious) and she doesn't "qualify" for it. So, now I'm left with the decision of taking her out for the duration of the flu season.  This is a decision I really didn't want to make.  Part of me feels, that by taking her out, I'm doing what I need to do to keep my right as a parent to make these vaccination decisions.  I will be contacting my Congressperson and the Department of Health to see what, if any, options we may have, but I'm thinking I better start dusting off my old lesson plan books for an at-home pre-school this winter!

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  1. Love seeing you stand up for what you think is right. Go Erin!!